Cursed to Feel

I wish that I could erase this pain

I wish I had listened to my friends when they told me to abstain

From you

Thinking back and I don’t know why I even wanted to remain

With you

I wish that I could forget all the nights I cried to sleep

I wish I could forget the many times you dug that knife into my heart so deep

To the point where I felt asphyxiated and I couldn’t breathe. In between cries gasping for air

Where’d I go wrong? What did I do? Drowned in confusion and lost in despair

Blaming myself time and time again. Trying to make up excuses

Played your game for a long time that began to believe I wasn’t worthy and my friends would tell me I’d never be the one he chooses

Because they saw right through you but I was blinded by love. I let myself be the girl he reduces and just uses.

I wish I could forget all you made me feel. The pain and suffering that made me throw up my meals.

I wish I could say that I no longer love you.

But I still do. And you’ll never see my worth but now I do.

So next time they ask you about me I’ll be the girl you once knew

By: Analucy