It’s not me, it’s you

I had to die a little to appreciate life
And I’m not talking bout when you stop breathing
Im talking bout when you stop feeling
For a bit
Rest mentally and emotionally and stop dealing for a bit
with everyone and focus on me

Looking from the outside in sometimes I get that it’s hard to see
You don’t have to understand just know that whatever I’m doing I’m doing for me
You don’t have to agree

So don’t come pointing fingers asking me to be in your shoes
Because you haven’t walked a mile in mine and I’ve been paid my dues
So can’t no one live in my heart free of rent
I wanna invest time with people who make me feel like it’s time we’ll spent
Those who light my soul on fire and make me content

Remember my heart is a muscle and just like is contracts it can be expanded
So Don’t come sit at the table if you come empty Handed
And I’m not talking bout money
But What will you bring to add value and to support me
if you wanna be my friend, if you wanna make me your honey

So when we fall out just know it’s not me it’s you

By: Analucy