• La Libertad Weekend Getaway
    Planning this getaway was stressful as fuck, to say the least. The hotels that we have wanted to stay at were completely booked for the dates we needed. Going from point A to point B seemed impossible, but somehow, we made it work.
  • Moving Abroad: Part I
    The first step to getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are
  • Rebalancing My Chakras
    The past couple of months have been challenging, as I can imagine, they have been for everyone. I have struggled to find a healthy work-life balance since I began working from home…
  • Another year around the sun
    This year is far from what I expected it to be- at least so far. Like many of you I had plans for April but they fell through due to the current…
  • A Decade In Pictures 2009- 2019
    This decade broke me in order to make me the person I was afraid to be, but nonetheless the person I needed to be, the person I was destined to be.