• Full moon empty heart and many worlds apart.
    In each loss there is a gain, As in every gain there is a loss, and with each ending comes a new beginning.
  • Creating a conscious community: River Clean Up
    After my birthday and my stay in mizata, I was truly inspired by Josh’s work and his ties with the community. Eager to do the same, I asked my close friends and family to help me. We decided to form a small group of 6 people and set the date- May 1st.
  • Synchronicities, spirit guides, and the universe.
    And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Over the past two months, I’ve experienced things that have left me speechless. I’ve…
  • Moving Abroad Part II: The Big WHY
    Since announcing my move abroad, I have received an overwhelming amount of support and well wishes. One of the other things I have received an overwhelming amount of are questions. The biggest two being “why?” and “what?”
  • La Libertad Weekend Getaway
    Planning this getaway was stressful as fuck, to say the least. The hotels that we have wanted to stay at were completely booked for the dates we needed. Going from point A to point B seemed impossible, but somehow, we made it work.