29 Rooms

If you’re visiting 29 ROOMS I highly suggest bringing a fun friend with you because there will be a long wait. If I’m being completely honest I was a little underwhelmed by this installation. It might be that they have little time to set up because they are a traveling exhibit or it may be that they haven’t figured out the logistics of entry time to make it a more enjoyable experience.

as I walked to the DC Armory When I first arrived at 10:30AM Saturday morning I saw 3 super long lines moving oh so slow. It took me about 10 minutes to finally get inside then I had to go through security. (If you’re planning of bring your water bottle, They make you throw out your water and refill it inside.)

As Mary and I begin to explore what we thought would be 29 rooms we were met with walls… it was not what I had pictured. The images online made it seem as if every exhibit would be a room you could walk into and explore…It was not.

There were some exhibits that were sort of like rooms as opposed to the walls. Like Mary said it wasn’t really art for the sake of art but art for the sake of Instagram. It was very instagram friendly but I expected more.

There were two rooms in particular that I enjoyed. 29 questions and Blind date with destiny. In 29 questions you sit with a stranger and the curator makes the first 30 seconds extremely awkward. There I met Jenny. We began drawing cards and asking questions. It was a beautiful moment because we got deep really fast- we were open with each other with no fear of judgement and for a second it felt like we were lifelong friends just catching up. I realized we had a lot in common. When our 10 minutes were up, I felt like I wanted to know more. So we exchanged info and are planning a sip and paint soon.

It’s so interesting how in a time where we are all “connected” via social media we are the most disconnected in society. When was the last time you talked to someone new? Or hand a face to face conversation?

Blind date with destiny. I walked into a room and gave my palm to a stranger to read and they did the same. It was pretty interesting because my results were accurate. I’m still wondering who read my palm in case you’re wondering.

All in all I would not pay $42 for another exhibit like this one the reason being we only had 2.5 hrs and the lines to get in where long and the lines to enter the installations were longer. So you’re not able to see or do everything. I was only able to check out 5 exhibits. I think if they would have had differently entry times for groups of people the experience would have been more enjoyable for everyone but that’s just my opinion.