Another year around the sun

This year is far from what I expected it to be- at least so far. Like many of you I had plans for April but they fell through due to the current pandemic.

I had planned to be in South America taking a breather, getting lost, and exploring new places But I am home because life had other plans for me. Instead of exploring a new city and a new country this year I’m exploring new and old feelings, thoughts, and goals.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t initially upset, because I was. After processing everything that’s happening around the world and here in Maryland my mindset quickly shifted.

I quickly realized how lucky I was… how lucky Am I to be able to welcome another year of life? That in itself is a huge blessing. Then I started to think further of my situation, and even though I am not always happy I have the ability to be.

I have been blessed with so many great things that I often take it all for granted. So I decided to take a step back and instead of complaining about what I couldn’t and can’t do this year on my birthday/currently, I would celebrate all the great things I can do.

Now that’s easier said than done but with positive affirmationsand acts of gratitude toward myself and others I could take the first step to being happier and letting those around me know how grateful I am.

Amidst the chaos and by the grace of god I am healthy and so is my family. We are able to be quarantined in our home and I am able to continue to work.

This year I spent my birthday with my mom, sister, grandma and my pops (my dad’s brother). Which lead to my second thought… what really matters?

For me it was easy- my family, our health, and stability matters. This year I brought in my birthday very intimately with a lot of love and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Life has a strange way of humbling people. This year I am for thankful for the lessons learned and the opportunity given to me to spend time with my family and introspect. I am grateful that I was able to understand and appreciate what really matters. This may not have been the birthday I initially wanted but it was the one I needed. It was one of the best ones… I am beyond blessed and I am hopeful that better days are coming. Until then I’ll make every day count and make it the best I can by sharing my love and gratitude.