Rebalancing My Chakras

The past couple of months have been challenging, as I can imagine, they have been for everyone. I have struggled to find a healthy work-life balance since I began working from home in March. I have tried many things but ultimately get overwhelmed and find myself becoming paralyzed.

I had stopped journaling, writing, posting, and creating content. I felt like I was never in the “right headspace”, or when I finally sat down and picked up a pen, my mind drew a blank. I had told this to a couple of my friends, and I tried the basics, creating a routine, working-out, mediation, and positive affirmations. I started a workout routine and slowly changed my eating habits until I had a schedule change. That was all it took before I knew it I was back to square one -fighting to not go down the dark hole.

If you are not making time for yourself and your well being, try reframing it to, ‘I do not have time to do what I love because I am not a priority’ and see if that sits well with you.

One of my friends mentioned she had gotten her chakras rebalanced and referred me to a holistic healing coach. If you’re a yogi like myself, you know about your chakras, and you know when they aren’t balanced. If you don’t know, I will give you a quick introduction and explain.

Chakra: (n.) from Sanskrit cakra’ wheel or circle,’ from an Indo-European base meaning ‘turn,’ shared by a wheel.

Any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy. 

Chakras are energy points in the body that respond to nerves and major organs. These areas affect our emotional and physical well-being. There are hundreds of chakras on the body, but seven main points run along the base of your spine to the top of your head. When your chakras are blocked, you will most likely feel stagnant and show physical and spiritual ailments. 

The charts below will better explain the 7 Chakras

As I stated earlier, I hadn’t been feeling like myself for a while and felt like my creative juices weren’t flowing; I was at the point that not even yoga made me feel better. So I booked an appointment with Nina.

When I arrived, she was very welcoming and very mellow. As I walked in, my chest felt tight, my shoulders heavy, and my jaw clenched. I was so tense. I walked to a quiet space, and I filled out a couple of forms as she explained the process. I laid down and began to meditate. I became very aware of each breath, each sound, and each movement. She began to burn sage and other things. As she worked on certain parts of my body, I started to see flares of colors.

When she finished, I felt lighter and mellow. She began to explain what Chakras were blocked and let me tell you she was spot-on. Everything I felt and was experiencing coincided with the blockages. She gave me a chart, and she answered every question I had. Nina also provided me with additional information via e-mail.

Before leaving, she asked me to pick a crystal card- one fell, and we decided to keep it- what it said was in line with some of the conversations we had prior. I got chills. The universe will always align and give you signs; it’s up to you to allow the message and trust your gut.

I loved my session with Nina and will return when my body feels the need to. If you would like to book a session, you can find Nina’s instagram here. You can also purchase her book When the Universe Speaks.

If you are not making time for yourself and your well being, try reframing it to, ‘I do not have time to do what I love because I am not a priority’ and see if that sits well with you. 

If you decide to try it, please let me know your thoughts.

Disclaimer: As Nina balanced my chakras she worked around me and did not touch me, This was my first time balancing my chakras. I appreciated that she walked me through the process before the session started and informed me that there would be zero physical contact. If anyone decides to do this be aware that there is no need for physical contact, and you can end your session at any time if you feel uncomfortable.