La Libertad Weekend Getaway

Collect moments not things


It’s Pisces season! But why is this relevant to my post? 

Over the weekend, I celebrated my little sister’s birthday in la Libertad. If you have ever met or interacted with the pink princess herself, you know how extra and over the top she can be.

This year she wanted to spend her birthday outside of the United States and on the beach. So she followed me to El Salvador. 

Planning this getaway was stressful as fuck, to say the least. The hotels that we have wanted to stay at were completely booked for the dates we needed. Going from point A to point B seemed impossible, but somehow, we made it work.

Since the hotels were booked, we looked into Airbnb’s, and I successfully reserved our stay at Black Rose.  The views were amazing, and the experience was overall great, but you should know a few things if you decide to book a night or two with them. 

Black Rose is located in La Libertad; getting there was a bit of an ordeal. I was traveling from Usulutan, and it took approximately three hours to get there by car. There is a lot of construction happening now; you can expect 30-60 minute delays. There aren’t any signs indicating that you’ve arrived, so you will have to drive slow and be alert. Worst case scenario, you will pass it and have to make a u-turn. 

There is only one parking spot per house, and there are three houses on the property. The place is divided into the “social space” at the top, meaning living room, kitchen, pool, and bathroom and bedrooms at the bottom. If you want to go to the bedrooms, you will have to exit the social space and go down a set of stairs. There you will find two rooms each with its own bathroom. 

You can comfortably have a total of six guests. If you want to cook, you will have to shop for groceries before entering la Libertad. There is a Super Selectos, but since it is in the beach town, it is pricier, so you may want to check out grocery stores before entering the beach town. If you wish to order food, Black Rose will deliver food from La Isla, a nearby restaurant. The food from La Isla is okay. I was not crazy about it, and it was pricey. Not to mention the wait time was ridiculous.

The wifi sucks. If you want to play music or surf the web, you will find that the reception there is terrible. I suggest downloading a playlist of your favorite songs and bringing a speaker so you can play it by the pool. While staying there, you won’t really want to be on your phone anyway. 

The pool is very comfortable and maybe about three feet deep (0.9 Meters). It does not have railings, so you have to be smart and not try to go over because you will have a nasty fall. There is no beach access, but you will have front row seats to the sunset and sunrise. 

I would 10/10 recommend spending a night here. It was everything I imagined and then a little more. Just remember to pack your bathing suits, speaker, playlist, and BYOB.

One night at Black Rose is valued at $255 to give you a reference. This is during their low season. As you may be aware, prices on Airbnb fluctuate depending on the seasons and the demand, so you may be able to find a better price or it may be the same.

The last tip- secure your transportation; it will make your trip all the more enjoyable. 

Let me know if you decide to book with them.